Evil cyborg

An example of an evil cyborg

Also Known as "Steel-Eyes" or "The Warlock" is a villain featured in several deathlands storylines. He is a sudo advanced cyborg with mostly mechanical parts augmenting his organic body. His age and backstory are mostly unknown but he has access to highly advanced technology.

Abilities Edit

Other then cybernetics the Magus also has access to the Mat-Trans systems across the world with a better understanding of its functions then the Companions. Some story's have Magus as the father of Stickys with the help of Gert Wolfram. One other ability at his disposal is the power to jump timeline or pull other monsters to Deathlands.


A former slaver of genetically engineered mutants, he had his eyes, hands, and jaw destroyed in a fight against the Trader, and later was repaired and learned to master pre-dark technology. He's believed to have magical abilities by the more superstitious in the Deathlands.


The Magus is mentioned in passing in several books, below however are novels where he makes a physical appearance:

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