Deathlands 045: Starfall

Author Mel Odom
Illustrator Michael Herring
Publication date April 1999
ISBN 0-373-62545-6
Publication Order
Preceded by
Crucible of Time
Followed by
Gemini Rising

The Baronies Trilogy - Book 1

Back CoverEdit


Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists jump into Montana territory, where they are joined by members of the Heimdall Foundation, an organization of whitecoats that investigates the possibility of alien visitation on earth.

Their paths cross with those of a Baron's sec men, who are searching for valuable debris from an abandoned space station that fell from the sky -- the same "fallen star" that intrigues the Heimdall members.

While Krysty tries to fend off a telepathic mind assault, Ryan and his companions must find a way to deal with the sec men....


The forbidding world of Deathlands is the legacy of a doomed age. How it came to be -- and why -- are questions lost in the wreckage of post-apocalyptic reality. Though survival in this strange and surreal new world conspires to crush the human spirit, hope is not dead for Ryan Cawdor's survivalist warriors. But staying alive requires a ready weapon and a willingness to kill.


Krysty Wroth's sentient power comes under psychic attack by a mortally wounded doomie desperate to find a new vessel for her mystical abilities, placing Ryan's group in double jeopardy. As the group flees a firefight in Idaho, escaping upriver with the ragged survivors of a savaged ville, the voyage through the mutie-infested waters leads to a confrontation with a baron whose discovery of pre-dark space technology may lead them to the shocking truth of the legacy of Deathlands....

In the Deathlands, hell is for the living.






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